Meethi Tikiyan Recipe Pakistani | میٹھی ٹکیاں | मीठी टिक्कियां | Meethi Tikya Urdu Recipe | Mathri

How To Make Meethi Tikiya or Meethi Tikiyan Recipe in Urdu. A Special Recipe of Meethi Tikiya by Everyday Masala Cooking. A Step by Step Complete Recipe of Meethi Tikiyan. Sweet Recipes by Everyday Masala Cooking.

Ingredients: 250 g Sugar 250 g Suji 500 g Maida 250 g Desi Ghee 1 cup Till (Sesame Seeds) 250 ml Milk 12 tsp Baking Powder 1 tsp Elaichi Powder 1 cup Khopra(Dessicated Coconut) 12 cup Khash Khash

Method: Heat milk in the microwave for 30sec to 1 min until warm. Pour it in sugar so it dissolves. In a tasla mix together the maida,suji,khopra,till,khash khash,baking powder,elaichi powder and ghee. Knead the dough,Slowly add in the milk and sugar mixture until the dough is neither hard nor very soft. Allow dough to sit for 15 mins before rolling. Make meethi tikiyan using a circular ring or any shape you desire. Heat oil in a wok until hot. Add in the meethi tikiyan ,fry on medium to high flame. Fry until well cooked and golden fried on both sides. Allow to cool. Eat away!

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