Creamy Fruit Delight | Fiesta Float Recipe | Easy dessert recipe | Creamy Dessert

How To Make Creamy Fruit Delight or Also Called Fiesta Float Recipe. A Special Recipe of Creamy Fruit Delight Recipe by Everyday Masala Cooking. A Step by Step Complete Recipe of Creamy Fruit Delight. Easy Dessert Recipes by Everyday Masala Cooking.

Ingredients: 300 g Candi Biscuits 2 packs Cream 846 g Fruit Cocktail 1 Tin Condensed Milk. 2-3 Candi Biscuits Crushed

Method: In a bowl beat the cream and condensed milk until smooth. In another bowl drain out the fruit cocktail ,sieving the fruit from the syrup mixture. Take another deep dish layer it with candi biscuits. Now layer it with cream and condensed milk mixture. Now layer with fruit cocktail mixture spreading it evenly. Repeat the process by placing another layer of biscuits over the fruit. Place another layer of cream. Place another layer of fruit cocktail. Garnish with crushed biscuits. Refrigerate for 5-6 hours until set. Better to refrigerate overnight. Serve Chilled!

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